• To register, click the Log In/Sign Up button on the top right hand corner 
  • Sign up and create your profile 
  • Update your profile with a photo and cover photo
  • Edit your display name to your modding name
  • Add as much information in the ABOUT section of you and a summary of your #CMWS18 entry
  • Make sure you are using Chrome, Firefox browser and not Internet Explorer
  • Start adding your worklog by creating a posts throughout your project by logging into your profile
  • Create as many posts as you need to show the entire MOD process from start to finish
  • Add the right category for post as either 'Tower Mod' or 'Scratch Build'
  • Complete your worklog posts before the final submission date July 15, 2018
  • Use #CMWS18 for all your worklog updates online
  •  We encourage you to share your worklog entries on social media
  • Take 5 - 10  high resolution photos of your final mod
  • Add the CMWS logo as a watermark - Download Here
  • Create a new post and title it 'Your Modding Name - Your Project Name'
  • Add a description and specs of your mod
  • Insert up to 10 photo and up to 3 videos
  • Add the category as 'FINAL SUBMISSION' 
  • If done correctly, you should see your entry in the 'VOTE NOW' tab (not live yet)
  • The final step is to fill out the final submissions form which will be live from May 15, 2018