The project was made with black sheet cut and folded by hand the republic of gamer design was hand carved. The fan covers were made with 3D printer and then colored by hand the connections between the various parts were made by hand.

the cooling system is xspc with fittings ek and alphacool with flexible pipes

the radiators are xspc 1 120 mm, 1 240 mm and 360 mm with 6 corsair ll120rgb fans and 4 cooler master master 120 fans, the ram is gskill tridentz rgb 32 gb, the processor is an intel i7 8700k 3.70 GHz.

in the front part you can see the tank of the xspc with regulator of fans of the recon with slim cd player. the graphics card and a liquid-cooled radeon r 9 290x. The power supply (corsair hx1200i) and motherboard (asus z370 - gaming rog strix) are connected to each other by means of sleeving extensions carried out by hand, lighting inside the universal led strip white case (cooler master).

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