Achromodic Monitor Mod part 1

Greetings, and thank you ViewSonic for choosing me for the monitor mod category! :)

I'll basically be taking the XG 2402 gaming monitor and continuing my organic black/white theme onto the base and monitor bezel. Here is my initial concept rendering, although I was using a different model for the image since I didn't know what ViewSonic would be sending me.

The XG 2404 arrived shortly after I got word that I was one of the lucky few to be chosen..

So in light of this model being so different than the one I used for my mockup, I'll need to make a few adjustments to my design. For the base, I'll be 3D printing a cover for the tower, and adding some backlit shapes to the bottom, much like the back panel on the case. Here's a rendering of the tower cover:

And here's the first part being printed:

Had to print the tower in multiple parts, since it's higher than my max printing height on my printer.. but I simply glued them together. :)

For the base, I started with my existing template and repositioned the shapes around the Achromodic logo.

I mixed up another batch of clear resin and poured more shapes..

Then the fun part of cutting the shapes out of the ABS base cover.

Here's the base cover after filing and smoothing out all the holes, concentrating on the logo part. I'm not too worried about the other holes, since the resin pieces will be glued in those.

After clearing out the underside of the cover as well, I added in a piece of 1/8" frosted acrylic and an ledstrip to see how it looked.

Had to do a bit of modification to the steel base to make room for the leds, but for the most part it all fit nicely underneath. Running the cable up through the center circle was tricky, as I wanted to retain the swivel motion of the monitor.

Now I can move on to the bezel and back cover.. 'til then! :)

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