Achromodic Update 3/19

Getting the light panels figured out...

There's not much room behind the bottom panel to do a lightbox of any depth, so it will have to be edge-lit. I added a piece of clear 1/4" acrylic under the 1/8" frosted piece, and ran the led strips around the entire thing, securing it with aluminum foil tape. I then covered the back of it so no light would escape anywhere but the front. The aluminum foil tape is perfect for this as it has zero bleed-thru and is very reflective.

For the back panel, there is a bit more room so I can mount the led strips a bit farther back, which will yield more even lighting.

testing the lighting on both bottom and rear panels. The fans aren't lit at the moment, but should fill in the center of the back panel nicely.. The bottom is not as bright in the center, but shouldn't be too noticeable once the motherboard tray and all the webbing is in place.

Built the side walls for the back panel, added the led strip, and aluminum foil tape to keep all the light going one direction: thru the front.

Light box mounted to the fan bracket..

Fan bracket/light panel assembly mounted to the case frame..

View from the inside of the case..

Starting on the top light panel, I decided to do something different. I have two pieces of frosted 1/8" acrylic that, when sandwiched together, makes up the 1/4" panel. I was going to glue them up when I inadvertently reversed one over the other, and I liked what I saw..

Since the panel is symmetrical, only the random holes cross over each other creating a more complex design, and adds depth. It will be interesting to see how the light shows through both pieces now.

Adding the side walls..

Placing in the case to figure mounting tab placement. The top fan/radiator bracket is the exact same as the one in the back, so I'll be mounting the light panel in the same way, with four aluminum tabs.

Gotta adjust the gaps a bit between light panels, but overall fits well.

Thanks for looking!

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