Achromodic Update 4/18

Well I didn't get the resin poured over the weekend (turns out I need a scale to accurately measure out the two-part mixture), so instead I worked on the cabling layout, access holes, and SSD placement.

Mocking things up, I ran the motherboard cabling down to the floor and marked where they would pass thru to the psu.

On the other side under the mobo, I'll be needing an access hole for two USB3.0 cables & ethernet from the IO, as well as an SSD data cable and the HDMI cable from the video card.

Luckily both USB and ethernet are located in the same place, so I just need to make one hole.

Here's the video card hanging temporarily in place to see how much space is needed between it and the webbing. It also gives me an idea of what shape the mounting bracket will need to be.

With everything marked, I could tear it all down again, and start drilling holes in the bottom light panel.

I wanted to get the look of individual holes for the sleeved cables, but still have one main hole for each group of cables.

For the Zadak SSD, I couldn't find any good place to mount it on the webbing, so I tried placing it right on the floor... but it sticks out too much because it's so thick. So I decided to flush mount it into the floor.

Using the scroll saw, I cut a gigantic hole in the bottom light panel.

Next, I needed to rout out some extra material at one end to make room for the cables.

After some filing, the SSD fits nice and snug.

Digging thru my closet o' spare parts, I came across an adata SSD mounting bracket. So I used that to support the SSD underneath.

Here it is from the top.

Now the SSD sits flush with the top of the light panel, and the cabling is hidden below. :)

An overall shot of the bottom light panel with all the access holes drilled, ready for the sleeved cables!

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