Achromodic Update 4/5

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

The webbing was laser cut from acrylic. The motherboard is 3/8" thick, as it will support most of the hardware.

I started rounding all the edges of the motherboard tray. This will give it more of an organic look..

I'm using my dremel with an 1/8" round-over bit, and will go around the edges on both sides.

After a few hours and some cleanup, we end up with this:

Here's a close up shot. I'll be going back around to sand the tiny ridges left by the router bit, so it's all smooth.

Another piece I designed with the organic webbing was the top fan grill. Here is the stock removable grill, with the dust screen and mesh removed. This grill lifts out of the top panel providing easy cleaning. I'll be retaining that functionality, and just integrating my web grill into it.

It's hard to tell, but the grill isnt a perfect rectangle, getting narrower as it goes towards the front IO assembly. So I had to make sure all the measurements were spot on before sending the file out to be cut.

First thing to do was to round all the edges with my router bit, just like I did with the motherboard tray. But this time I'm working with only 1/8" thickness, so great care was taken so I didn't crack any of the thin web areas.

About half way thru.. so far so good! I had to raise the whole piece up off the table so the bit would clear.

All done and sanded, with no casualties! whew..

Next was to curve the wide end down so it maches the stock piece. I used a 1" wood dowel to bend the piece over, and a couple scrap shims to protect parts I didn't want heated. For heating, I used my strip heater as well as a heat gun to get an even spread.

Now that the webbing is ready to go, I need to do a little weight-loss surgery on the stock grill. First thing to go is the hex framework in the center..

Then I went around the whole piece and trimmed off 1/8" so that the webbing would sit flush.

Here's what's left of it. I had to add a new lower cross brace at the end because what little there was, was in that 1/8" area I needed to cut out.

Now the webbing fits nicely into the frame, and I can still add the dust screen underneath.

..and the frame still sets into the top panel.

Thanks for reading.. :)

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