Achromodic Update 5/22

Time for an update! I started working on the GPU mounting bracket last night. If you remember about a month ago, I showed the placement of the video card on the back side of the motherboard tray..

Using some thin cardboard, I worked up a bracket design that will support the video card, and provide enough clearance behind the card for the PCI riser card and sleeved cables.

I also incprporated the IO panel so I can do away with the stock one, and serve as the means to fasten the card to the bracket.

Before I could finish the bracket tho, I needed to organize the cables so I knew where they would sit, so I 3D printed some cable combs of my own design. ;-)

Taped up the mockup to see how it will look..

A few more tweaks and I'll flatten out the cardboard shape and transfer it over to a piece of aluminum. Then cut and bend!

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