Achromodic Update 5/30

Finished up the GPU bracket over the holiday weekend, among other things.. :)

I opted to simplify the bracket by shortening it down a bit.. no real need to extend it beyond where the cabling was. So after taping up my scrap piece of brushed aluminum, I transferred the shape from the template.

Cutting was easy on the scroll saw, thanks to the alu's thickness and the spiral blade, which cuts in every direction. No need to rotate the piece!

The result.. Time to file!

Before I bend it, I need to cut out all the IO ports.

Two bends and a couple pop rivets later, and we have a bracket!

I used the original GPU bracket for comparison. Pretty close.. Also I try to take every opportunity to incorporate the theme into every piece I make. ;-)

The ports line up nicely.. The slot is for the PCIe riser cable.

The bracket fits tightly around the bottom of the PCB, and allows enough clearance for the riser cable to plug in.

To mount the bracket onto the motherboard tray, I had to find spots in between the holes where there was enough solid material to drill into. Once those were located, I used some tracing paper to mark the bracket, drilled that first, then used the bracket to mark the exact spots on the mobo tray.

Fitting the Li Heat PCIe riser cable around the mobo tray and into the bracket with some creative origami lol. The E-tape is just there to hold it in place for the picture.

..and the card is mounted!

Top view.. The bracket raises the video card up 1 1/4" to give ample clearance for both riser cable and sleeved cables.

Getting down to just a few final items for the case, then it's on to the peripherals!

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