Achromodic Update 5/7

Hey guys, getting back to the resin casting for the back panel finally.. I wanted to wait until I could show a decent amount of progress, and it took a while to cast multiple sets as the cure time was well over 24hrs.

So after prepping the mold with a release to make sure the resin didnt stick, I started pouring. The EpoxaCast 690 from Smooth-On has really low viscosity so most of the bubbles came to the top pretty easily after mixing. But I also poured really slowly from a high distance from the mold to stretch out and break any remaining bubbles (a trick I learned from watching their youtube vids). As you can see, it's pretty clear in the mold.

After a day and a half of curing, I started pulling out the pieces. They popped out no problem. Looks like an ice cube lol..

And here's all the pieces out. I printed up a placeholder to keep them all organized.

2nd set made.. some pieces aren't as clear as others mostly because I couldn't apply the XTC over 100% of the original print (particularly the middle area), so the rough surfaces transferred over to the clear resin pieces. I'll just have to add more glazing to those pieces and then it will all look uniform.

3rd set..

..and finally 4th set!

I added the back bezel to give you an idea of how it's going to look when finished.

..and of course I had to see what it would look like lit up..

Can't wait to wrap this thing up! :)

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