Achromodic Update 6/13

So after getting the front panel on, I noticed there was nothing covering up the ugliness behind the reservoir. So I had to come up with something that fit the theme. I figured a nice curved shroud of webbing would do the trick!

I grabbed another piece of cardboard and whipped up a quick template, then cut it out of a piece of styrene. Then I took the top grill and traced out all the webbing shapes and made them fit around the existing holes and cutouts.

The dremel with a routing bit made quick work of the soft material, but it did take a while to file and smooth all the edges.

Styrene is pretty pliable, so it was easy to bend it by hand into a gradual curve. Then I combined it with a nice mesh background so you can't see through the holes.

Glued the two together before putting it in place. Dont need any fastening to secure it either, thanks to the spring-loaded tension.

Now I can put the reservoir back in..

I added an ledstrip behind the front panel, so it lights everything up nicely.

The ledstrip circles the CM logo ring as well.

And that pretty much wraps up the fabrication.. I think.. unless I see something else I need to address lol.

Only thing left to do is install the OS and configure the fans and lighting effects. :)

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