Achromodic Update: 6/21

So the case is done! The rails finally came back from the chrome shop, and that was the only thing I was waiting for.. But I'm not taking final pics until I do the peripherals.. so here's a teaser shot:

For the EVGA Z10 keyboard, I'll be painting it white, modding the wrist bar, and adding some chrome bits. Starting on the wrist bar, I removed the rubber pad and taped off the base. Then I made up a styrene piece with the hole pattern in it.

The styrene piece will take the place of the rubber top.. and will be under-lit. ;-)

To achieve the under-lighting, I need to add some frosted acrylic under the holes. So I cut a large piece out of the middle.

..and cut a piece of 1/4" frosted acrylic to fit.

Once that is glued into place, I can place the styrene piece over it. Then I'll lay an led strip across the top edge of the acrylic to light it up.

For the monitor base, I designed a slip cover for the tower in Fusion360..

Printing it out in 2 parts, since the tower is over 16", and my printer can only go up to 14".

And slip cover is done! Still need to trim and glue the pieces together, then prep for paint.

Next up is the base, which will be under-lit as well. Stay tuned!

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