Achromodic Update 6/6

Finally getting the back panel mounted! It's been a long and tedious road, but it's finally coming together the way I pictured it in my head. :)

I got it taped up behind the bezel for now, so I can mock up the top and bottom covers..

First, the cardboard templates.. here's the top, cutting away bits here and there until it fits around the top pieces.

The bottom cover is a bit more involved since it will house the IO ports: PSU power, and panel mount extensions for the USB, network, and HDMI ports.

Got all the ports to fit nicely in the cardboard.

..and the cardboard now fits nicely around the resin pieces.

Now to trace the templates onto the aluminum sheet.

Will do the cutting and filing tonight, but of course I always have to end the post with a mic-drop!

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