Aura Master Project

Hello everyone! I'm super pumped to take the chance in this #CMWS18. It's my second time participating to this competition, last year my entry was Pure Binomial Project. This year, I will participate with two Tower Mods, this Masterbox Lite 5 RGB project and a C700P one I'll start shortly.

This Aura Master Project was a quick 4-days mod I made for a showcase by Intel in a big event here in Italy, Milan Games Week. The goal was to create something that featured the trend of the moment, RGB, without overdoing it. I made it using a base color theme with a lot of white, this way all the colors set by the LEDs would've been well mixed and it always could've been possible to just set them white and have a super clean build.

The watercooling loop is a thing that took a lot of planning as I didn't want to make it look like any other loop is seen around, so I figured out that I would've done a loop that synthesized in three sights of four parallel tubes.

The main goal was to make every single tube go up to the roof of the case, to make all the connections happen out of it. The real challenge was to keep the parallelism on all the tubes.

After a lot of hand drafting I came up with the definitive layout that you'll see shortly.

First, I had to cut a lot of metal off the case to let the LED lights shine through as much as possible.

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