BB-8 Scratch Build Update #1

Hi Guys!

This build we'll be using 90% 3D printing as our medium. Because in the near future...all the things can be 3d printed. 10% will be painting and other materials as part of the case.

Since I started this project March 31, that time the deadline of submission to finish the build is April 30. I don't have time to 3D Model BB-8 and 3D Printing the parts will take almost a month. So as a member of BB-8 Builders Club in Facebook. I decided to download there open source 3D Model files and 3D Print it for almost a month.

Now we have more time to do the BB-8 build as the final submission date is on July 15, 2018 and we can add more details in this build.

Here's the link of the BB-8 Builders Club in Facebook where you can join and download the 3D Model for 3D Printing.

After 4 weeks of 3D printing the major parts of BB-8(8hours average using 1pc 3D printer, 2weeks if you use 2 3D Printers), I can now assemble the parts where we can put the motherboard, psu, ssd and video card.

*BB-8 Head with Inner Structure Assembled and Motherboard size

Here are some images of 3D Printed BB-8 Parts using Tevo Tornado and Tarantula.

*BB-8 Head 26hrs of printing using PLA in .3mm layer height. (Tevo Tornado)

*BB-8 Inner Structure (6pcs) - 13hrs each of printing using PLA in .3mm layer height. (Tevo Tornado)

*BB-8 Skirt (3pcs)- 8hrs each of printing using PLA in .3mm layer height. (Tevo Tarantula)

*BB-8 3D Printed Parts

That's it for now guys...

Our next update is to put inside the inner structure the motherboard, cpu, CM V8 GTS cpu cooler, CM Mega Flow 200 Fan,psu, ssd and video card. I will also do some 3d modeling to fit this components inside and access for upgrade/replacing the computer parts.

After this will do the projection tech part on the later part of the build to make it more exciting. SO KEEP POSTED guys... and will update you as soon as possible.

Don't forget to write your suggestions or comments below.


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