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bjpc: The Cosmopolitan

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

This years entry, a combined case and monitor mod, is prepared for the submission- in more than 300 hours I brought a metropolitan appearance within the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary case by Cooler Master to life:

Buildlog: https://www.cmws.global/blog/the-cosmopolitan

While the outside endured a colour change from black to chrome, the interior fully has been modified. The mainboard is set close to the right glass-side- panel, the GPU is set upright on the rear side, and a subway runs on the floor compartment -hold on- a subway train? For the second time I want to invite you into a scaled scope of ideas- see and feel the concrete and steel vibe, as one would, who is citizen of the world: The Cosmopolitan.




Ryzen 1700X CPU




Hellfire M.2 PCIe 3.0x4 NVMe 1.2 480GB

Viper LED 4 x 8 GB DDR4 3000MHz

Ignite 2,5" SATA III 6Gbps SSD 480GB

Cooler Master

Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition

V850 PSU

Masterfan Pro 120 Air Pressure RGB fans & controller

Vertical GPU mounting sledge


Eisblock XPX Clear with RGB ring

Eisdecke Chrome double VPP755 pump top and pumps

Eisblock GPX Eisblock Asus Strix N

Eisblock MBX MSI 01 mainboard cooler

Eiszapfen series chrome fittings for hard tubing

Cape Corp chrome "Metal Top" reservoir with UV lighting

360 x 30 NexXxos X-flow radiator

240 x 30 NexXxos X-flow radiator

Eisflügel flow-indicator



XG 2402 144 Hz Gaming Monitor

My honest thanks for the massive support are going to all sponsors:

Alphacool, AMD, Cooler Master and Patriot

Special thanks to Viewsonic for giving the chance at all.

The case mod consists, next to the re-build interior of a cable-hiding mainboard-tray, that presents the very PC to the left side. The I/O shield is aligned to the bottom, and the only exit to the rear is an original Cosmos II 25th cable-grommet.

The water-cooling combines the CPU and the GPU, the mainboard, the M.2 on the midplate, and is cooled by two radiators, powered by a double pump-top. That the 360x30 radiator is set into a skyscraper, is as well the idea of the build, as the reservoir in the middle of the second building- active cooling scale models, plus an classic building with a known to the eye advertising screen.The several details are a mixture of Scale model kits, 3D prints and new steel and acryl parts.

The front shows a fully closed 5,25 " Bay area- instead of this, an infinity display makes well known city landmarks become a trick to the eye- bt make sure, you don´t miss the train, while letting the eyes fall into infinity

This Case Mod is a sign of a vital boy inside myself, and plays with the fact, that a cold city ambience may be our surrounding, but knows the very truth: no matter where we go, we can make new friends within it. Thank you for an awesome Case Mod World Series time 2018!

"It is not about being better than others- it is about bringing the best out of oneself."


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