Blackforest Origins - idea, progress up until today

Updated: May 28, 2018

Hey guys,

i actually need to start this whole worklog to get up 2 date with my progress.

Sorry to wrap this up in one bigger posting, but i had no time the last few weeks to get this done.

First i need to introduce my project:

The german #blackforest is my #origin. Most of you will know, thats a beautiful region in Germany with many traditions and spectacular landsights. One of the #traditions of this region is the #cuckooclock.

Because i really liked the #idea to merge the cuckoo clock into a #mod i started to ask around if this would be a cool thing to do.

Gladly i managed to get a positive response from #coolermaster in Germany, so i started this project (yes, i did get sponsored).

The #project itself was started at the end of 2017.

There is no constuction plan or something like that for the parts i build.

Everything is built, tested and kept or done again.

As i threw away some things i did build, i won't post every picture i have, just a few to get an overview about the progress until now.

First the base case was built. I started with cube threads, which later was replaced by plain and simple wood glue.

The case itself was planned to be 2 parts, if i decide to switch it later on. So i might switch the cover any time i want.

The first cover i build was partly #3dprinted, partly #styrofoam (everything was #pained with #acrylicpaint)

That's what it looked like: A #wallmounted #case #halftimbered style.

After that i did build the clock tower:

Because i could probably run into space problems with a #gpu i changed the design - so the case did get a dormer:

I also was testing around with tiles.

That was the progress until 1 month ago or so.

I didn't like a few things on the #build while looking at it for weeks and realized that even tho i won't win anything with it. It has to be better.

How can i make this #better, i asked myself?

- The tower was to big in comparison to the dormer. So it was broken down (yes, broken down).

- The tiles were awful - not from the perspective on the pictures but close up...just awful. (and maybe to big for the size of the house)

- All the beams could have been worked out better (sanding, filling, etc)

Enough time to rework those things (yea...maybe not, 1 month to go, but who cares - the case was never intended to be for this competition)

But if you read this post until now, we're actually pretty up to date! Let's #change some things, shall we?

I tore down the tower and gave it more height.

Also i ripped apart the whole structure of the front (beams and styrofoam filling) and replaced it with (now dispersion paint instead of acrylic paint) painted styrofoam.

Gladly behind the styrofoam there is a wooden structre of my house, so i needed to cut out my windows and doors.

Meanwhile i printed new #frames for the windows and doors:

Also there needed to be new #tiles, better ones. This was a hard thing to do (i pretty much wasted a week to get them how i wanted them): A good size, not having to do them one by one and getting them anyway near looking really good.

So the sanding, filling - repeating the previous - began.

Still i won't get them to be super smooth, but are tiles really perfectly smooth?

Now let's see the case (well, ignore the roof):

Without frames:

Oh yea, i forgot to mention my big door - i really like it. #coolermaster style (with nails as bolts):

Lets put those frames on the case.

Some light please...

Let's see the inside

Finally. This is where this post ends, if you're still here - THANK YOU for reading this far.

I hope you liked my first blog post (and worklog wrapping up or whatever)

Thanks again, to you and ofc to #coolermaster


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