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Blue Dive

Hi all!

Im a bit behind all others, becouse a lot of the parts are here, but the Main hardwares havent arrived yet. Just the important things like : Mobo, VGA + water blocks.

For accurate measurements and proper placement, to testfit and "proof of concept".

This mod is fresh started, and it already promisses long shifts, thill the finish. I will trie my best, to fulfill all requirements: make the Mod, take photos and videos, post updates regularly, finish it before deadline, make and post final photos and videos...

Abaut the mod:

- This will be "simple" case mod, whit a serious twist!

- The "Blue Dive" is only the "first phase" of a bigger project

- this tower will be water cooled, whit a custom made water tank

Used Parts list:

Rules does not allow to tell what TheTower I use for this mod.

All HW-s and parts will be listed up, from the point thet they arrive

Day 1:

Unboxing in the garage, because there is snow outside

Disassemble until I see a screw...

Measureing for rebuilding the interior

I Planed to use an unusual, and for ME an unknown / unused substance.

Now, whit the final sizes, lets search for raw materials, tools.





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