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Blue Dive - Update 3

I had to learn, how to handle / cut / grind / glue glass to this project.

It was a learning curve. It took some time, but I can say to the whole mod "I have made it!"

I learned not in my workshop, and it was not the first pile of glass.

3mm would be enough, but I went whit the 5mm thicknes.

Back "home", in my workshop

All the edges where sharp, so I had to grind them first.

The raw and the grinded edge

First test fit.

...and YES, a lot RGB LEDs are already in the case.

Of core, I measured correct, but forgot to extract the material thickness. Si O had to cut down 5mm... whitout any propper glass cutting tool. But I worked my way araund. Whit a Dremel + Diamand cutting wheel I scratched the line. Then whit pliers i chipped down, slow and careful.

The "home cut"

The Cut after grinding.

The "dry" fit test

Glasses Glued in place

After cleaning.

Yes, It works :D

And Now I'm curious about your opinion! The Question is:

Which layout would You use?

III vertical III

--- horizontal ---



to be continued...






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