Boddaker - Achromodic

Hey everyone, here is my entry into the Cooler Master World Series mod contest! I give you, Achromodic!

Using the C700P, I wanted to create something unique in its presentation of the components within. A second smoked tempered glass side panel was ordered so both sides of the case would be see-through, and the system components could be seen even if the doors are closed. I suspended the motherboard and graphics card in the center of the case and surrounded them with light panels. I also wanted to give the design an organic feel, so I created a kind of webbing to support the motherboard and GPU. Continuing the natural look of the webbing in other areas, I designed the top grill and fan grills within the light panels with this pattern. For the back panel, I rebuilt the entire thing with random-shaped stones which were cast in clear resin and back-lit. Various parts such as the top and bottom rails, and front bezel were plated in a black chrome to provide contrast with the painted white case and light panels. A special window was made in the front bezel to display Cooler Master's liquid cooling reservoir, and a custom lit Cooler Master logo ring was made to replace the original metal badging. So without further ado, let's let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

Specs of this build are:

ASUS Z370 motherboard

ASUS Strix 1070 Graphics Card


Cooler Master Maker 240 Liquid Cooling Kit

Primochill LRT flex tubing & fittings, Vue white coolant

Intel 8700K processor

ViewSonic XG Gaming Monitor

EVGA Z10 & X5 mouse

I'd like to thank Cooler Master, ASUS, ZADAK, Intel, Primochill, ViewSonic, EVGA, Sanctum Sleeving, and all my friends who supported me during this build. It would not have been possible without you! :D

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