Boddaker - Achromodic Monitor Mod

So I was lucky enough to be chosen to mod a ViewSonic 24" gaming monitor to go along with my Achromodic case mod! After receiving the monitor and looking it over, I came up with a few modifications using the same organic webbing and shaped stones that I used on the case. The monitor was disassembled and painted white/black, then more back-lit clear resin stones were added to the base, along with a custom "Achromodic" logo. Then I 3D-printed a webbed cover that slips over the tower portion. For the monitor itself, I added a bar with webbing cutouts on top and bottom similar to the bars on top of the case:

Huge thanks go to Cooler Master and ViewSonic for adding this amazing extra category to an already awesome competition! Good luck to everyone! and now it's time for a beer.. Cheers! :D

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