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Bultaco Hex - Part 8: How to customize your AIO watercooling

We have customized the MASTER LIQUID 240 PRO, it is very easy and anyone can do it at home. Of course this cancels the product warranty :)

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Now I show you the process step by step:

First we remove the tubes taking care not to damage the connections of the pipes. When disconnecting the first tube we remove the liquid and keep it for later.

Then we install new pipes of the length that best suits our needs and we put a sleeve of the color we want topped with thermoretractile sleeve. We connect everything except one of the radiator intakes.

Fill the circuit with the liquid we took before or with others of different colors and close the circuit.

We have also replaced the fans with transparent ones and we have incorporated Angel eyes lights (car tunning) for our RGB lighting

Thanks for watching my work :)

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