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Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Based on the new ESO expansion this Dwemer themed case mod shall be built into the CoolerMaster Master Case 6.

The inspiration of this build is the Dwemer technology. So as i crawled through those Skyrim dundgeons i make sure to take plenty of screen shots of the different Dwemer items. I noticed pretty quickly that many of the Dwemer pieces share similar patterns and were constructed in different ways.

I also wanted to inculde the power cell of the Dwemer Centurion as the center pice of the front panel.

The initial step for this mod is a simple one... Paint the whole case gold!

Once that was dry i began crafting the external panels. These were drawn onto cardboard to ensure fit and then copied onto PVC sheeting and cut out. Below is the rear side panel. The same was done to all the other panels as well.

For the centurion power cell I used a simple press light as the basis for this. Cutting out the pattern in PC sheeting before heating it to shape over the light.

All Dwemer constructions also seemed to have large bulbous rivets. I replicated these with good old ping pong balls that were cut in half.

A small MDF circle was then glued into the back of each ping pong ball to ensure they could be securely glued to the case rather then trying to just glue the 1mm or so wall of the ball.

The center beam leading from the Power cell also ran over the top of the case. As do the rivets on the edging.

Then another quick coat of gold to make all the parts match. The top panel also has runic swirls on it. This was achieved with a thin sheet of acetate that was then glue on and also painted gold.

That about sums up all of the external modifications! The sponsor logos were painted on the rear side panel in a metallic bronze. A watered down version of the same paint was used to weather and distress the clean gold panels.

An acrylic black paint was also used in the deeper crevasses of the case to provide the illusion of more depth.

On to the insides!!

On many of the Dwemer creations in Skyrim piping could be seen. But the source of that piping was never revealed. So i decided to reflect that on the inside of the case by hiding the Pump Res combo under the powersupply shroud.

The Graphics Cards, mother board shield and Fans were also painted gold to match the aesthic.

Because I hid the Pump Res it made the right hand side of the case very empty... I decided to cover the hole with CoolerMaster's Shelf LED recut to size to fit verically next to the motherboard. This RGB panel will also get some runes painted onto it.

On to the Piping! I wanted to keep the piping discrete without anything overly fancy. As in Dwemer creations the piping is there to do a job not look pretty. My goal was to find a mid ground between the 2.

I felt the inside was still lacking to some degree... After going over all the screenshots id taken earlier for research it became evident that gears were the answer! I then took the PVC Sheet to to the scroll saw and cut out a bunch of gears in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Painting them both Bronze and Gold before layering them across the PSU cover, back wall and GPU back plate. The hold behing the fans and the fill port were then covered by a 3.5inch Hard Drive which i also gave the gear treatment too.

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