CM Scout SS (Super Sport) - "The Cable Management"

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Hi guys! so a brief recap on what I have done for my cable management and still a work in progress..

I used my old PSU from Seasonic, I decided to add a white tone on it to match the color scheme of this project.

then I used an acrylic cut-off (that I painted in my previous topic), put holes on it then inserted each strand of cable to it. this will be a part of the PSU Shroud.

and for the PSU Shroud, also made holes for the lightings and power cables + sata cables:

then putting this together:

test fit HDD:

As I said in my previous worklog, i'm gonna use 2 seagate HDDs, i've just test fitted these two extra HDDs :)

Alright! so see you guys in my next blog. :)

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