CM Scout SS (Super Sport) - "The Finished Project"

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

So we've come the end of my #CMWS18 project, and now I present to you guys, CM Scout SS (Super Sport) mod based on a 1961 Impala SS.

Quick Specs:

Chassis: Cooler Master Storm Scout 2

Motherboard: MSI Tomahawk Arctic b350

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 1200

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2800mhz 4x4gb

GPU: Galax Hall of Fame GTX 970

PSU: Seasonic p1050

HDD: 1x Seagate 4tb 1x Seagate 2tb

SSD: Plextor NVMe M8PeG M.2 128gb

Water Cooling:


EKWB Supremacy

EKWB RAM Monarch x4 Modules

255mm Cylinder Reservoir

ClockWork Industries 120 Reservoir

Black Ice 360 Radiator

Barrow PETG tubes, fittings, flow meter & drain port

Fans & Lightings:

DeepCool led strips

Xigmatek Galaxy Elite 3 rgb fans

---CM Scout SS is based on a 1961 Impala SS vintage car.Though this mod is not really a replica of the car,instead, It captured some ideas on the Impala's parts. From the car's color,where the case was repainted to metallic purple on the outside and clean white on the inside, the car's hydraulics, where the standing position of the case is tilted using pneumatic support to look like it is on a hydraulics car show, then it preserved the top handle design of the CM Storm Scout case because it just matches the concept where it looks just like a spoiler of an Impala. Then of course just like the robustness of the car's engine, where in this mod, uses a Ryzen core for a hardcore performance.

Alright so,hope you guys like it. Thank you Cooler Master for the opportunity to showcase our work of art. ;) good luck to all! :)

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