CM Scout SS (Super Sport) - "The LCS"

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

In this topic,you'll about to witness the liquid cooling setup. I used a board(I don't know what is it called because I just got it from my job at a hardware store,they use this for the signage of our store.) :) painted it to white and will be using it as a cover for the side and will also serve as the base mounting of one of my reservoir.

By the way, I made a hole on the upper portion if you would notice plus i'll be also putting a hole near the pneumatic support where the tubes will go through.

I wasn't able to use the first res of EK, the fat one, so i'll be using this long one,but still also EK :)

Okay so i'm about to finish this project so please support and await for more post on detailing on the design :) I'll keep you guys posted.thanks!

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