Coolone - Master RGB TV Case Mod 2018

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Master RGB TV Case Mod 2018

Worklog - FINAL

By Coolone

a. Name of mod:

Master TV RGB Case Mod 2018

b. Description of my case mod:


When my fantastic PHILIPS 25" television died I felt very sorry since we already have been friends so many years without any problems at all. But the TV providers canceled the analog signals, so I needed to buy an new flat TV.

But this gave me an new opportunity for the my old TV, so I thought I could be an nice case mod where all the hardware I will use could be visible thru the front PLEXIGLAS window I want to build into my new case mod.

c. Hardware:

Description of the hardware I have use for my case mod.


PHILIPS 25" television 25PT442113


Intel® socket


Intel® Processor


Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB

LED Quad Channel Series Memory Kit

Graphics Card

GeForce® GTX Graphics Card

Hard Drive

WD Hard Drive

Power Supply

be quiet! DARK POWER PRO Power Supply

Case Cooling

be quiet! SILENT WINGS 3 PWM HIGH-SPEED 1600 FAN 140 mm

Cooler Master BLUE LED FAN 80mm TLF-S82-EG-GP

Cooler Master BLUE LED On/Off FAN 120mm R4-L2S-12KG-GP

Installing two Cooler Master FAN 80 mm & two Cooler Master FAN 120 mm.

RGB Light 01


RGB Light 02

RONALD Light Chain with 10 prisms with changing colors


Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse


Logitech Keyboard

CPU Cooling

be quiet! SILENT LOOP 360MM


Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD

d. Video of the Finished Case Mod:

Video - 01: Case Mod Finished Running - MVI 0053

Video - 02: Case Mod Finished Running - MVI 0320

Video - 03: Case Mod Finished Running - MVI 0606

e. Case Mod Finished:

Pictures of the finished case mod.

f. Build Phase:

Pictures of the Build Phase of my case mod can be seen in the Worklog.


Master RGB TV Case Mod 2018


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