CosmosX Project

Here I am with the start of my second entry for this #CMWS18, CosmosX.

Some of you may think this will be like a space-theme given the similarity with the name SpaceX, Elon Musk's airspace company. That's not completely true, as this will be a green/grey/black mod and will only have little to no space references.

I chose this name because I personally am a fan of everything related to space, and I found "CosmosX" fitting with the mod because, if you look at the front of the C700P, it actually looks sort of X shaped. So I will start from there, shaping the entire mod using that concept, the X lines.

So let's start by tearing down almost the entire case. Since this is a really beautiful case by default, I found myself in a hard time trying to find an original layout, so the first days was pretty much entirely spent staring at it and trying some mounting for all the brackets.

This is what I came up with: standard orientation for the mb (even do I can choose to mirror this and do a reverse), which is centered to allow the mounting of two 360 rads on top and bottom. Pretty unique feature, the PSU will be mounted frontally, to allow the bottom rad to be mounted.

And now you'll probably think "why the hell do such a thing when you simply could mount the bottom rad in the front and live the PSU in its natural position?". Simple answer for a simple question: I want to make a tribute to my CMWS17 entry Pure Binomial, so the front and the back will be entirely clear, allowing to see the internals from multiple angles. Also, the front will most certainly house two big reservoirs.

I'm a strong believer that every side of the case should be utilized in a smart way. If i can mount a radiator at the bottom, I will have an extra side to use for more unique features, like this see-through concept. This couldn't be possible to do to the bottom, because it's obviously facing the floor.

More interesting info on this project to come. Stay tuned!

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