CosmosX Project pt.5

Update time! Finally got the MSI GamingX GTX 1080Ti I'll be using for this mod and went on with the modifications.

Did a thing with the top handles of the C700P... I kept seeing people polishing, brushing or painting them and I just didn't feel like doing the same thing, so I added some aluminum details!

Then went to back side of the case to figure a design out, came up with this freaky panel:

Then cut two openings on the side panel (f**k that was tough, that panel is a beast) as well as two pieces of mesh from the original front dustfilter to put them behind those strips.

Going back to the internals, having the graphics card mounted I could finalize the bottom shroud's pass-through holes, and I also started designing the cutouts to let the air flow (one of two rads is at the bottom)


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