CosmosX Project pt.3

his time we'll take a look at the modding of the reservoirs, to make them nicer and sturdier, a bit of internal panelling and the customization of the front panel of the C700P.

Drilled and tapped some holes on the brackets for the reservoirs

Then made two panels for top and bottom and started to cut and tap these nice aluminum bars

Then cut openings for the ports

And here they are mounted

Let's get to the front panel! First I cut an opening on it

Designed and cut a nice touch for the opening

Then made this details using aluminum U profiles to give it some more character

As for the internal panelling, I had to cut some pieces of the mobo tray for when I route the cables and make the pass-through holes

And the last big internal panel is cut as well, now everything is nicely covered and ready for the next step, which is measuring holes for cables and pass-through fittings.

I also brainstormed a bit on the top panel because I had some difficulties trying to come up with an original design, and figured out I could some watercooling to help myself make it more unique... So i cut some pieces of the mounting bracket of the rad first

(Can you even tell what I cut here? It's all about clean cuts hahaha)

And this is a teaser of what I'm going to do at the top


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