Creating an Eye-Catching Worklog

Hey guys! I'm glad to see y'all here and we're quite excited to have you! Let's start off by setting up a guideline on how to submit a work log that's both informative and impressive.

Start off with the title of your build. Giving your build a name that captivates your audience will help with providing the tone for theme. List out your components, who your sponsors are, and what case type you'll be using for this build. Show off what you started with to give people an idea of how it looked before. Then, if possible, post your finished or any work you've done until now, as the second set of pictures.

After your "before and after" pictures and blog has been written, write up the process from start to finish! This gives users a sense of your thought process, what worked for you or didn't work for you, and how you managed to achieve your goal.

Please don't forget to properly tag and categorize your blog post! On the bottom right, right above the "Publish" button, there is a "Choose Categories" link. Ensure that you have the proper tag so users can find your posts.

That's all there is to it! We're looking forward to all of these submissions and are excited to see the results. Happy building everyone, let's all build towards something great!!

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