Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Designer informations about DarkBride & Poster

The base & element of "Basic Quality" is the soul & vita of each Human، this quality is accuate & objective.For its percept, we start the job with the perception of this subject.Identity of anything are needful of special patterns of its events that can be alive or dead, as long as its alive, it makes our inner recources freed possible.whenever an affect has such flame, it becomes a part of the nature, like the waves of leafs and herbs & fire's ocean that their facturs are within the endless game of repetition & diversity.Dark Bride is shape of the nature quality and parcel of inclination. furious look, powerful & nightmarish but insidely elegance that can bring nice feeling to viewer.Dark Bride is mainly a girl with girly heart & feelings, absolutely emotional but unlike the other girls, if you play with its emotions, it will become the most brutal & powerful creature in the world that can bring the world to hell, a girl that makedup herself with bones and lives in the deepest & darkest part of the jungle.


Dark Bride official Teaser, hope you enjoy!...

Steps 0 to 100 Dark bride project...


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