EMISSION by Timpelay - Build process

EMISSION is my first ever monitor mod project and will be included to my NEBULA C700P project. This thanks to ViewSonic supporting me and my project with this XG3240C 32" Gaming monitor!

A monitor mod is a whole new experience to me which makes it quite a challenge. But also alot of fun trying something different.

So what about plans?

Well, EMISSION as I decided to call it will be an extension to my C700P mod NEBULA. Therefore I want it to follow the same design. This will include a custom paint job with the same Cosmos inspired colours.

But that's not all. I don't want to focus only on design. I want to add some features that I think could be kind of cool to have on a badass gaming monitor. Actually I will start this project with these extra features and finish it with the paint job.

Which features are not very common on gaming monitors?

Sound was the first thing that came to my mind. This monitor actually got dual 6W speakers installed for the gamer who does not use headset, like me. But do I think this included is enough? Probably way better than many ultra thin TV but not close enough to quality sound capable of pumping music or making special effects realistic.

So what I will do is that I will build this monitor a custom sound system, with a twist!

Well, first thing to do was to strip the backside casing from the monitor to be able to work with it in a safe way.

My idea is to attach two JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth speakers to the monitor using self designed and custom made mounts and hinges. The speakers will be detachable, hidable behind the monitor and fully functional with USB charging from the monitor and connected either by 3,5 mm AUX or Bluetooth.

I've spent many hours measuring this back cover panel to get the angles and distance between the hinges just right. As I will 3D print the hinges aswell as the speaker mount I can design it to fit the monitor perfect. It will probably take a couple of prototypes and many printer hours to get the design right. It would be alot easier to do this if I had the monitor as a 3D model. Actually I don't have the JBL Flip 3 as a model either so it will be some guessing before the first print!

A couple of fast prints determining exact distans and tolerance to use for the mount and hinges to work as I want them to.

Finally, like 4-5 revisions later I got my design all sorted out and 3D models ready for final printing. This round object below works as my JBL Flip 3 with the same design and size.

The mounts are built by 5 separate pieces connected. I decided to go for dual sided tape to attach the hinges to the monitor. They could be attached by screw because it's room available, but I went for tape as it will create a good enough bond without adding new holes to the back of the monitor.

The mount for the speakers is design as a snap-in solution making the speaker detachable when you want to bring it with you.

Done with the mount it's time for some custom paint!

Looking so damn good! With the base coat done I applied a couple of layers of high gloss varnish giving the paint protection and that glossy deep look.

This build process won't show any more than this. I'm saving the fully assembled monitor with speakers for final pictures!

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