Flower of Soul: The Process

I would like to take this opportunity to thank EVGA for supporting this build

The EVGA products will be used are:




I will be using the Coolermaster Masterair MA610P

Click the product name for more details :)

The initial sketch was uploaded earlier and here you can see the concept of the scratch build will be a big flower.

I decided to use wood as the base material because it is lightweight and strong enough to hold the parts. It also gives the natural look of the stem. I prepared a plyboard to cut into the curved shape of the stem.

I layered two ply so that it will have a rigid structure.

I wrapped the base stem with paper and coated it with resin. The purpose of this process is to create a filler inside.

I applied fiberglass and resin on top of the stem structure.


I applied three times so that it will not be easily damaged.

I used r10-10 for the final coating.

For the last process of the fabrication, I used a body filler.

For the very details, I used air dry clay and epoxy clay to achieve my desired result. I sculpted it for days to have the same look on my sketch.

The swivel is installed above the stem structure

I used an old itx case for the motherboard tray. I measure the psu so that it will fit correctly. I also used wood to support the tray, because it is lightweight.

I primed the stem structure. I hand-painted the stem to have a natural-looking effect.

I used acrylic paint for the line detailing and sprayed some clear lacquer on it.

The stem structure is almost done, I will be adding some weathered accents. I picked this color scheme to match the CMWS 2018 color.

I used acrylic sheets as my main material for the petals. It is easy to work on specially using scroll saw.

Bending of the petals using acrylic bender.

I used heatgun to bend the curved form of the petals.

I used my cutter plotter to cut vinyl stickers for the decals

Priming of the petals.

Peel time

Assembly of the pc itself. I also tested the leds if it's working

Assembly is done and it's time to take pictures for my final submission.

Click HERE to jump on my final submission post!

Good luck everyone and Mod on!

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