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BR - "Fstorm Killer" escape from DATA CENTER

This is the first HPC Asus ESC8000 G3 work with ATX psu, psu modified, smb board and other too. The sound of fan removed (like jet engine's sound) an replaced by water cooling system.

This is the first machine in the world modding from HPC (High Performance Computing) Asus ESC8000 G3. This is not mining machine, plz, this is monster HPC with 8 GPU and Dual E5-2600 xeon.

I want made a system with best performance in the world for end-user. It can put in table, beside lcd, and work day by day with silent and cool.

Very simple design water cooling rig, lowest pipe and very fast - easy to change part if them fail (we can replace cpu, vga, memory, psu... very fast and easy (under 5min)

Nowaday, renderer engine by GPU is popular, example: Fstorm renderer. Fstorm need many many GPU for fast rendering and high resolution and high quanlity. A normal PC or Workstation only can install max 4 GPU or maybe 7 GPU. But desktop cpu can not enough strong and streng to work with lagre file. So, dual xeon is solution. And this is spec:

Chassic: custom

Mainboard: Asus Z10PG-D24

CPU: 2 x E5-2699 V4

Memory: 24 x 32GB Samsung DDR4 ECC REG

VGA: 8 x Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Aorus Extreme WB

PSU: 2 x Corsair AX1600i

Water cooling: Bits, EK...

And night mode (RGB color)

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