Updated: Jul 25, 2018


God of war ( The last God)

desgining the god of war Case is mainly picked up from the main character of the game, Kratos. Whom began an attractive adventure with his son, and attracted many users ( gamers) to him self.

Thats why we used patterns from this character:

Tattoos and Axe Patterns which represents viking signs.

Full white body with famous tattoo in Red and patterns from Axe in fluorescnece Blue and leather which represents kratos's skirt and belt, some scars in body of the case which are signs of coming back from battle, and signs of fatigue and injuries are noticeable on the body of the case.

Now we have a God of war, A god of war in a case moding model named The last God, and presented for the kratos lovers.

Desginer: Amin Dadvar

God of War official Teaser, hope you enjoy!...

Steps 0 to 100 GOD OF WAR project... (VIDEO)


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