HammanChronicle - Robo Recall

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

This project refer to Robo recall game , a VR game with AMD theme "RYZEN".

To do AMD theme i must seeking something beyond in future. I try to bring and interactive robo head that can give emotional expression (connection) .I decided to animate the head as look its alive . I believed by future AMD will be the one who can enhance AI ability . That would be awesome .

My Modding hardware spec


XPG D81 DDR4 16GB of 8gbx2 Kit

XPG 240gb M.2 SSD with XPG storm effective cooling

Gigabyte Aorus AX-370-GAMING5

Gigabyte 1050Ti Gaming G1

Coolermaster V650 Fully modular

Coolermaster RGB LED Controller

Coolermaster Universal LED Strip - RGB x 6pcs

Coolermaster ML240L RGB CPU Cooling

Arduino Uno r3 - controlling the head

Case using to Mod - H500P (sory h500 fans if i turned it bad)

Assembly Video

Robo Head Move


Thanks #Coolermaster for organizing this contest. Keep it coming !

Thanks to member of #Casemodheroes for knowledge sharing and support !

Thanks to Family and members who supporting me !

KUDOS To all modder

Mod ON!

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