HotRod - By C0571NH4

Hey guys,

Once again I come here to present my new project, already starting with the support of Cooler Master Brasil, Gigabyte, Team Group, Titan Caselabs and USICM.

This year the theme will be HotRod, since the case has wonderful curves.


The motherboard is the wonderful GA-X99-Gaming G1 WIFI from Gigabyte.

Here are some pictures of some pieces.

Dismantling Cosmos, as my wife said, my heart hurts.

Result after disassembly, a blank screen with plenty of room.

Lighting tests.

The case has a Tachometer and a Voltmeter.

The bottom of the tachometer.

A beautiful 2x4GB kit from Team Group, ended up helping a lot in the bust of the project and not to mention that they are beautiful.

And they have more color choices.

And it in red blends a lot with the motherboard and video card.

Some materials and processes of the manufacture of the case.

And yes, the motherboard was turned.

I also used wood, through the burning process with torch.

A few more aluminum plates for the inside details and their folds.

Coverage of some inner parts and parts with leather. Finishing using line to look like stitching.

Here the detail in applied leather and the Tachometer and Voltimetro intalados.

The WC tank was made of reused aluminum and the tips produced using machined aluminum.

Detail of air filter modification to receive a 92mm fan

And on the back of the case, I added two aluminum tubes simulating exhaust pipes.

And here is the project presented at Campus Party Brazil. With photos of the final details.

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