HOVERYZE ep.2 Begin to saw aluminum

Of course, in 2077 all devices for laser cutting of metal and 3D printing are available to all people. But for the creation of flying motorcycles, we can not use these machines for conspiracy purposes. We all saw by hand.

The central and main part is made of 2mm aluminum sheet.

These are the most difficult parts to make. I bent them out of an aluminum strip 4mm thick and 40mm wide using a manual vise. Many blanks have gone into garbage. It is difficult to correctly bend a strip of this thickness from the first attempt.

This is the side elements of the aluminum corner 20x30mm. Thickness 2mm. Will be attached to the central part.

The base of a square aluminum profile 25x25mm. Thickness 1.5mm.

Approximately so it will look after I fasten the parts with rivets.



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