Iron Man Mk II

Updated: Feb 27, 2018



Hardware :

Coolermaster Maker 5T inside with Maker 5 Cover

Motherboard And graphic card from MSI

CPU Intel I5-7600K with 2.5'' SSD

Coolermaster AIO 240mm Masterliquid Cooling System

PSU Coolermaster Masterwatt 650w

RGB Masterfan 120mm with system controller

Thematic :

Creation of an Iron Man Mark II with 3D printings parts and mobiles flaps

Start of the work

Printing of the ARK Generator

result of the generator with all parts

creation of the exhausts at the rear of the top cover

all parts of the top cover will be remove to be recreate by custom parts

test of the positions

cutting aluminium sheet and test again

Final mount

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