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I am Jannis from Germany and I´ve built myself a PC-Desk.

I designed it in a 3d program and built it myself and now, after some time and many working hours I can finally say it´s finished. :)

You can see the 3d model of the desk in the first picture and in the last 2 pictures you can see the 3d model which i printed out. (On a scale of 1:25 / 1:10)

(Specs of the desk below)

If you like my project, I would be really happy, if you would vote for it. ;)


My desk was sponsored by Alphacool, Aquatuning, Caseking, Coolermaster, Msi, Nvidia and Phobya.

Again huge thanks to them, without them this project wouldn´t be possible.


Here is the final video and some pictures of the finished project:



CPU: Intel I7700k (Overclocked with liquid metal to 5Ghz)

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX1080 Founders Edition (Watercooled + liquid metal)

PSU: Kolink 700W ATX (I swapped the original fan with an rgb fan from Coolermaster)

Motherboard: Msi Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon

Fans: Coolermaster Masterfan Pro 120mm

Fan controller: Phobya

RAM: Gskill Trident Z RBG 16Gb

Storage: 250Gb M.2 SSD

Storage: 1TB HDD

Storage: 5TB HDD

Storage: 16TB NAS System (WD EX4100) (Also with an rgb fan from Coolermaster)

Watercooling: Alphacool NexXxoS GPX M01 (GPU)

Watercooling: Alphacool Eisbrecher Pro XT45 (Radiator)

Watercooling: Alphacool VPP655 PWM – G1/4 (Pump)

Watercooling: Alphacool Eisblock XPX polished/clear (CPU)

Watercooling: Alphacool Sleeves, Fittings, Tubes etc.

Watercooling: Phobya liquid Zuper Zero UV red (+dark red dye)


I also made 6 worklogs about the progress about my desk.

Here is the English playlist and the last 2 worklogs:



Worklog 5:


Worklog 6:



If you want to see other updates and maybe other projects in the future, you can follow me on:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jrelooc


Twitter: www.twitter.com/jrelooc


If you liked my project, I would be really happy, if you would vote for it and subscribe to my YouTube channel. ;)

Feedback (especially on YouTube) is appreciated.


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