Lightning Strike

Hi All!

This Project is araund the Lightnings. To be more specifically, the light effects and the Two MSI 980 Ti Lightning.

My main goal was to create random lights on the mods surface and on the HW-s.

This is an Open Air case whit a wall mount + a Stand, designed and made by me.

Tha main frame is a 25mm thick plexy, strenghten whit a steel frame. In the plexi is more then 430 Single controlled RGB LEDs. On the surface of the plexy is a self-adhesive sticker, whit hand made / cut circuit graphics. A few Single controlled RGB LEDs are outside from the Plexy under a few HW-s and the reservoirs.

The Mobo has its own Random LED show, and all the fans are have a separet RGB Controller whit its own random effects.

It is easy to change the programs, and set the whole color shame to a certain one. Or set all three on random, and you wont see the same show again thill week or even longer!

Allmost all components are water cooled, whit two separet water loops. Exception is only the PSU.

The whole mod is very heawy and had already been modified a few times since end of November, and I got many great ideas to it.

The video shows November status

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