MechB 130 Final Release

Hello everyone for this project I concentrated my approach on the mod in an involvent part and have created a Mech Bot the used box was an elite 130 that is at the top and therefore all the rest that makes the 130 centerpiece of the whole mod, in this mod and how all I have done I try to learn something and create something different in this case could not be different based on the platform arduino tried to create some interactions as the mod both manual and remote and for this I turned to the assistant of win 10 to " Cortana "for this I created a software that through voice commands it interacts with the user and performs some functions. in the functions presented I used as I said the arduino that controls a series of relays that controls a penumatic cylinder for the function of elevation of the legs tb controls a created smoke generator and the effect of the shots through a solenoid and tb control the illumination back

For a quick summary of the whole process carried out in my mod I leave a discretion of the materials used ranging from mdf, wood to plastics and also styrofoam and polyurethane passing through glass fiber was used for some final 3d printing details but all work was done The free hand is neither cnc nor laser cutting.

Regarding the hardware I did not spend money on anything new nor had any support, it was made a recycling of some hardware that had at home that still worked the platform and Amd and the graphics card Nvidia in all the peripheries I was careful to customize them according to the theme of the mod


Board Asus M4n68t-m v2

Cpu Amd athlon 64 x4 620

Ram 4gbx2 Corsair ddr3

Psu Cooler Master MWE Bronze 550 mod to MasterFan MF120R RGB

Gpu Nvidia 9600gt 512mb ddr5

Hd 250gb 2.5 Samsung

Water Cooler dual pump " i use a Alphacool pump with reservatore 150mm with a cpu cooler block Coolermaster master liquid pro with a 120mm radiator

in all the peripheries I was careful to customize them according to the theme of the mod

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