my monitor and few small things

If you don't need to #finish anything, #time does not go by.

If you need to finish something, time flies by.

Well, i'm moving to a new city and my mod still is not finished. That's going to be hard to finish it in time for a final submission.

Nevertheless my mod never was intended to enter this competition (but i did...) i want to finish it.

All my steps will be small ones from now on. Finishing details so to speak.

I added some #gras to the case - no flowers sadly :)

Meanwhile i did get a fan replacement from #coolermaster - as the Masterfan PRO RGB did some really bad noises while built in pushing air from bottom to top.

for the fans, i need some kind of fan grill. so i made them after replacing my broken nozzle.

printed, sanded, filled, sanded, painted...

Painted the bottom of the case black.

and of course the monitor...

it needed cleaning anyway, so i took it apart and gave it a few new color detail (red'ish).

built back together:

also my clock needed some ;)

clock hands and face. tried to get some rusty look done there.

actual looks right now. now i smell laughters, because of my G15 ;) well, i don't care, the hardware of the mod isn't that much of a value too, #ryzen 3 G2200 replacing #GPU for example. It's just a big #htpc.

I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading this far.

images fixed...

#amd #ryzen #coolermaster #cmws #monitormod #mod #newfans #rgb #clock #cuckoo #red

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