My Printer won't Print!!! - PART 1

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Coz it's not a printer anymore~

Hi guys, This will be my second participation in CM Case Mod. I always use "garbage" or Recycle stuff as materials for my mod. I am not a fan of 3D Printer (maybe because I cannot afford it :P). My interest is more towards to turn "something" into a working PC. It cost much lesser compare to mod using 3D printer. I believe that we still can mod with less cost and without high end equipment.

My first mod was converting my Old Guitar into a PC. And for this year, I decided to turn an old PRINTER into something cooler than Printer. And for this year too, I received a small help from Cooler Master Malaysia. Really big THANKS

to them. It is my first time to get pc parts sponsor. yeay!!

I actually started my work since last month but no chance to update work log. and here we go, my first update.

So, I got a used Printer, with not bad condition. Still working but sadly I am gonna destroy it.

I will only use Dremel Rotary tool and Worx Drill for this project. That's all the power tool I have anyway.

First off, I need to clean the inside. which was the hardest part. Finding the hidden screws and unreachable screws was quite troublesome. But its worth it. This is my first time disassembling a printer.

Clean up.

My work place. When you have no budget but your hobby is more important. XD

Almost there, but need to clear those uneven surface

The pc parts need to be seen through this glass. Need to clear the bottom part

Can see through now :)

Arrived and Thank you Cooler Master Malaysia for these stuff!



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