NEBULA by Timpelay - Build process

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

My ambition with this NEBULA-project is to honor the COSMOS legacy by doing a clean casemod with focus on balance and theme. All with attention to what this case stands for with it's unique design and build quality. I'll step that up on my journey.

To this, I got the opportunity to my first ever monitor mod thanks to ViewSonic! I'll make sure it will be something worthy.

Come follow me!

I'll begin with a photoshoot of the case itself!

Next up would be some hardware, right?

Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme


A bunch of Cooler Master Masterfan PRO 120 RGB!

I will use a total of 9 fans in this casemod!


That's pretty much the hardware I will start with in project NEBULA. Ofc. I'll need a CPU, PSU and the entire water cooling. But they will not be part of this photoshoot. Those parts will be presented during the next stage, the modding stage!

This CM C700P case is full of surprises. I tried all the modular layouts trying to figure out which one to use. Well, I decided to go with a hybrid of my own. Actually quite standard a while ago. This because I want to use the bottom for a dual pump assembly and don't want to cover things up with the original PSU shroud.

As for radiator placement I thought why not use the space and do something cool. This will give me a quite interesting backside aswell, with exhaust fans coming out.

Some special 360 rad mounting frame. Supposed to be a cable cover/shroud but not anymore. Waaay cooler like this!

So what about that Cosmos legacy I set out to honor? Well hold on tight for some very special custom paint is coming here!.

Make sure to notice the bottom fan mount also got custom paint and now holds thre intake fans. The cooling capacity is crazy in here, and I will run an air cooled GPU haha. Built to be oversized and ready for all crazy water cooled graphics cards in the future!

This is as far as it gets before final pictures! I will do the full assembly and fill it with fluid. Gonna be awesome!

Oh, and together with this NEBULA project I will do a monitor mod supported by ViewSonic!

It will apply to the same theme as this one. Take a look:

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