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Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Based on a Panzer Hund captured by the resistance from Wolfenstein 2 this build shall appear in the CoolerMaster Cosmos 2 25th anniversary edition. As Wolfenstein also turned 25 last year. This build, just like the new rendition of the game shall be full of Easter eggs and hidden secrets.

This case would keep its existing finish as the brushed aluminium fits the theme perfectly!

The key aspect of this build is all the easter eggs!!

I started by putting all the rudemetry marking of the panzerhund on the case. The cross on the front panel, The serierl number and the Prototype number. The center of each window was the marketing symbol used by Bethesda instead of a certain war insignia...

Once that was complete I went over the marking insignia with the resistance logo, making sure i deliberately didnt tape off the area. This was to make it obvious that the resistance logo didnt belong.

There are 2 Easter eggs on the exterior of the case!

The Serial number of the PanzerHund is 15811 which relates to the 15/08/1911 which is BJ Blazkowicz's (main protagonist) birthday!

The second easter egg being the Prototype number! 50592 or the 05/05/1992 is the release date of the original Wolfenstein 3D :)

Because the front panel can slide up and down, i turned it into the jaw of the Panzerhund, so when the door drops the 'mouth' closes

In the first installment of the new Wolfenstein games you could find beds. When you had a nap you were thrown back to Wolfenstein 3D and since this is a 25th anniversary build for Wolfenstein I just had to include an easter egg along the same lines!

So i build a box inside the case. The upper section behind the door hiding our 3rd easter egg and the lower section hiding a 2nd res. I then added some additional graffiti to this box. the Text Terror Billy was painted in red to match the resistance graffiti on the glass panels.

So now when the mouth closes a 3rd and final secret is revealed! And i definately think that i saved the best easter egg for last!!

Out of PVC sheet i cut out a very familiar figure! combined with some careful painting here he is ;)

With Mecha Hitler all painted it was time to build a background that was worthy! So i had the blue brick pattern printed on some vinyl and lined the inside of the box housing Mecha Hitler.

With that the bulk of the build was done :D

I placed the pump below the graphics cards to add some additional color to the left hand side of the build as the GPUS were black and the backplates i made were a silver to match the exterior of the case.

I then also mounted the Hard drive and SSD on the back side of the box to prevent large blank areas.

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