Overwatch Reaper - C700P Airbrush

The theme I believe dispenses comments and I will again in Overwatch with the character Reaper (the previous one was also overwatch of the character Sombra)

Although I enjoy more defensive characters or tanks, this is one of the DPS I play the like and in my humble fecal opinion has one of the ****ing design of the game.

The chassis? Coolermaster COSMOS C700P, I was the first in Brazil to receive it (tk's Coolermaster Brazil) and I will also be the first to mod in national territory :D

Big Cases needs Big cars

It's so beautiful <3

My other projects, there are usually not many changes in the structure of my previous casemods, the biggest work is done in painting (part by me others by best professionals)

C700P is my 3th Cosmos

Masterbox 5 (Overwatch Sombra), Cosmos S (Devil May Cry Casemod), C700P (Future overwatch Reaper) and Cosmos II (Akira Casemod).

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