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Pin-Up - By Grazi

Hello people,

This is my first case, joining my knowledge with machining area, a bit of delicacy, hours of sewing and work manuel, I developed my project on the theme pinup.

The theme will be Pin-Up. Pin-up can also refer to drawings, paintings and other illustrations done by imitation of these photos. The term was first documented in English in 1941;

The case is the MASTERBOX LITE 5.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3.

Memories are from team group .

And here some pieces.

The case is cool, plus it needed a top window.

A little help from the grinder.

The result:

Using tissue to make the details, because the case is for woman, right?

Loving to cut for cover mounting.

To the details.

I learned to make ties, to compose the side.

I made some holes for passing an anodized aluminum wire, giving a finer finish to the project with the buttons. Each button is secured by two holes on the top of the case and on the acrylic.

Some tests for lateral positioning.

Details to the front of the case, and to improve the airflow.

Finally the finished case, which was exposed in Campus Party Brazil 2018.

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