Printer that won't print - PART 2

2nd update for my project. I received a new power supply from Cooler Master Malaysia but I don't want to use it to mod the case such as taking the measurement or drafting the design of the case which might damage the PSU itself. Hence, I received another help from a friend. Eric, from Stratos PC (Miri) gave me a faulty Motherboard and faulty PSU for this purpose!! I can't thanked him enough. Even a faulty mobo can make me happy~

it was a mAtx Mobo. and the initial planning was using parts from my personal PC except the power supply because I received a new one from Cooler Master. And I'm using Z170m in my personal PC.


mAtx Motherboard might be too big for this printer. I need to find another solution. I tried to make more space within inside the printer.

it was quite compact and no space for PSU. Hence, I decided to use m-itx motherboard instead. Luckily I found someone selling H77N itx but the GPU slot was damaged and cannot be used. Still good tho for RM50 (Around USD 12 ~ 15).

I don't know what the previous owner did to that GPU slot. Haha. The motherboard still working.

Now, I need the motherboard tray. I used a board and cut it with cutting blade.

Limited tools? No problem~! Looks good now.

But need mounting holes for that motherboard.

Drill the holes first to fit the screws

This is the combination of the mounting screws. The screws will come out from the bottom.

Perfectly Fit now.

Looking great. Mounting the Power Supply will be on the next update~

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