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Project AXE-R

Updated: May 24, 2018

Greetings friends, I am going to make on a great project  – Project AXE-R.

I need you to understand these six things, or pieces of the story if you prefer, that need to be pieced together in order for this project to make it, and it will!

First off, I am working on it in association with animaN (Dule) a.k.a. PCAXE. While our friendship lasted for years, this is the first time that we’re both joining forces to work on something such as this.

Another thing is that this is a mod that is basically going to be assembled from scratch, therefore it’s a custom case, which is in itself, always hard.

Third point is that this is not just about the case, but an complete setup that will serve as a part of the backdrop for the studio recording over at the brand new PCAXE studio – alongside the case, there is a desk, additional desk for the case, wall ornaments, etc.

Fourth point is that this is, in fact, Dule’s new computer, as the time came for him to change his X79 platform that he has been working on for four years – anybody whose computers did he assemble have a better one than he does.

So, I need to assemble a computer for Dule that should live up to his needs.

Fifth thing is that for the first time, I will go over with Dule across every single detail of making this project, because rarely does someone speak about his ups and downs, how to find sponsorships, what do the sponsors themselves expect, what does the audience expect, what do we expect, what should you do and in which order, all the nuts and bolts…All things considered, this is the first episode that is going to be presented entirely in English. You can turn on the Serbian translation captions, while the each of the following episodes will be offered in Serbian alongside the English subtitles:

And the most important thing of all, the sixth piece! I want you to understand that building something like this isn’t exactly simple anywhere in the world, especially not in Serbia. We want to raise awareness about modding, and to inspire all those folks looking for an excuse to halt the search, and focus on solving a problem and fulfilling their dreams.

As far as the components and the sponsorships go, I can tell you right off the bat that this will all be High End, and as soon as we get comfirmation what has been approved and provided, we will include that in the thread.

Also, we need your support! Thanks in advance!

The components:

Case: Custom AXE-R case by neSSa [SS PC Modding]

CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950x


MB: Gigabyte x399 AORUS Gaming 7

GPU: CF Vega 64

PSU: Cooler Master

Cooling: EKWB dual loop water cooling system

ADATA has accepted the participation in this project, the phenomenal XPG memory has arrived, 8x8Gb. Thank you very much for support "

Let's begin, AXE-R project render :

EK Waterblocks support AXE-R project, thank you!

Let's begin to create:

EK Waterblocks parts:

Adata SX8000 512Gb :

progressing slightly :

EK Waterblocks HDC 16/12 Fittings, angled adapters and special connector :

Work, work, work , my brother and me :)

So close :

Small, big, bigger, monsta - switch :

A new video of my friend Dusan, whom I have dedicated this project and who will show you in the future how it all came to the idea and the design of the project, enjoy :

AMD responded to my call for help, big thanks, AMD Threadripper 1950x has arrived :

Work on the details :


More designs...

We are close to making in metal :)

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